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Reappointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP
Media Release

The Australian Government has made 72 reappointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) including two non-judicial Deputy Presidents, 14 Senior Members and 56 Members.

The 72 appointees are current members of the AAT whose existing appointments expire on 30 June 2024. Each appointee will transition to the Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) upon its commencement.

These reappointments ensure the AAT maintains capacity to hear matters and avoid unnecessary delays for applicants until the new ART commences.

The ART is a user-focused, efficient, accessible, independent and fair tribunal that will replace the AAT as soon as practicable before the end of 2024.

Each of these members were assessed as suitable for appointment by an independent selection panel through a transparent and merit-based process, conducted in accordance with the Guidelines for appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and closely informed by requirements set out in the Administrative Review Tribunal Act 2024.

On behalf of the Government, I congratulate each of these members on their reappointment to the AAT.

The Government will announce the commencement date of the ART as well as further appointments to the AAT and the ART in due course.

More information is available on the Attorney-General's Department website.

Appointments to the AAT

Non-judicial Deputy Presidents

  • Ms Kathryn Millar
  • Mr Shahyar Roushan

Senior Members

  • Ms Margret Bourke
  • Ms Nicole Burns
  • Ms Gabrielle Cullen
  • Ms Tamara Hamilton-Noy
  • Mr Michael Ison
  • Dr Nicholas Manetta
  • Ms Alison Mercer
  • Ms Louise Nicholls
  • Mr Andrew Nikolic AM CSC
  • Mr Robert Olding
  • The Hon John Rau SC
  • Ms Meenakshi Sripathy
  • Ms Linda Symons
  • Mr Alexander Ward AM


  • Ms Robyn Anderson
  • Dr William Appleton
  • Ms Wendy Banfield
  • Mr David Barker
  • Ms Angela Beckett
  • Dr Alexandra Bordujenko
  • Dr Christhilde Breheny
  • Ms Moira Brophy
  • Ms Tina Bubutievski
  • Ms Anna Burke AO
  • Mr Alexander Byers
  • Dr Jennifer Cavanagh
  • Ms Justine Clarke
  • Ms Christine Cody
  • Mr Damian Creedon
  • Ms Rachel Da Costa
  • Professor John Devereux
  • Mr Antonio Dronjic
  • Mr Peter Emmerton
  • Dr Stewart Fenwick
  • Ms Tania Flood
  • Ms Lana Gallagher
  • Mr Nicholas Gaudion
  • Mr Nathan Goetz
  • Ms Anne Grant
  • Mr Peter Haag
  • Mr George Hallwood
  • Ms Genevieve Hamilton
  • Dr Jessica Henderson
  • Dr Susan Hoffman
  • Ms Linda Holub
  • Ms Penelope Hunter
  • Ms Christine Kannis
  • Ms Nora Lamont
  • Ms Julia Leonard
  • Mr Simon Letch
  • Ms Kate Malyon
  • Dr Geoffrey Markov
  • Ms Melissa McAdam
  • Mr David McCulloch
  • Mr Andrew McLean-Williams
  • Mr Alan McMurran
  • Mrs Lilly Mojsin
  • Ms Marianna Moustafine
  • Ms Jade Murphy
  • Mr Paul Noonan
  • Mr Steven Norman
  • Mr Jason Pennell
  • Professor Julie Quinlivan
  • Ms Tamara Quinn
  • Mr Peter Ranson
  • Mr Frank Russo
  • Ms Wan Shum
  • Mr David Thompson
  • Mr Richard West
  • Mr Paul Windsor