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Protecting Australian artists

The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP
Media Release

The Albanese Government is committed to copyright laws that protect Australian artists and enable them to earn a living from their creative works.

The Attorney-General's Department will release an issues paper for public consultation as the first stage of a review into whether Australia's current copyright enforcement regime is fit-for-purpose.

Royalty payments can be a vital stream of income for artists. During the last two years when many artists were not able to perform live, it became a lifeline for many.

Protecting that income from theft or leakage is vital to maintaining a robust copyright system and a healthy environment for artists.

Technology means we can now all enjoy music, television, movies, books and art at the tap of a finger.

Australia's creative industry needs an effective copyright system that keeps pace with new technology and protects creators and other copyright owners from the unauthorised use of their works.

This review will consider whether the copyright enforcement mechanisms in our laws remain appropriate, effective and proportionate.

The public consultation process will be open for 12 weeks commencing with the release of the issues paper in December 2022.

Input from those who deal with copyright matters in their day-to-day work, as well as the artists who create work, will help the Government to understand how our current system is working and what could be done to improve its operation.

The Government is eager to receive a wide range of perspectives on these issues, and I encourage any interested people or organisations to consider providing a submission.