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National Anti-Corruption Commission Legislation Amendments

The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP
Media Release

The Government has today tabled amendments to further strengthen the National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill.

These amendments follow careful consideration of recommendations made by the reports of the Joint Select Committee on the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

These amendments will:

  • broaden safeguards for the protection of journalists in relation to search warrants and extend protections for their sources;
  • improve safeguards for the wellbeing of persons who may require assistance to comply with the summons or notice to produce and expressly permit people to disclose information to a medical professional;
  • require the Commissioner to advise a person whose conduct has been investigated of the outcome of the investigation;
  • amend the definition of corrupt conduct and clarify that the Commissioner may deal with a corruption issue on their own initiative;
  • require surveillance and interception warrants to be issued by eligible judges of federal superior courts;
  • enhance the power of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Inspector regarding witness summons and arrest warrants;
  • narrow the grounds for bringing contempt proceedings; and
  • amending the requirement that all evidence which discloses legal advice be given in private.

I have welcomed the constructive engagement from stakeholders and parliamentarians.

The Government now looks forward to the entire Parliament coming together to pass legislation this year to establish a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption Commission.