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Appointments and short-term re-appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP
Media Release

The Australian Government has appointed a new Judicial Deputy President and made 22 new member appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The Government has also made 63 short-term member re-appointments to the AAT.

The Honourable Justice Ian Jackman SC has been appointed as Deputy President of the AAT for a period of two years. His Honour’s appointment will transition to the Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) upon the commencement of that new body for the remainder of his term. Justice Jackman was appointed as a Judge of the Federal Court on 15 December 2022.

The 22 new Members of the AAT have been appointed for two-year terms. This includes the appointment of ten new members to boost the capacity of the AAT to deal with its significant Protection Visa and other migration-related caseloads.

Each of these 22 new Members has been appointed through a transparent and merit-based selection process, conducted in accordance with the AAT appointment guidelines. Everyone appointed through this process will transition to the ART upon its commencement for the remainder of their terms.

The Government has also made 63 re-appointments to the AAT on a short-term basis until 30 June 2024. This includes 59 Member-level positions, two Senior Members and two Deputy Presidents, Ms Jan Redfern PSM and Mr Ian Molloy. Consistent with the requirements for short-term re-appointments to the AAT, views were sought from the President of the AAT about the suitability of members for short-term re-appointment (having regard to the ongoing operational needs of the AAT). These re-appointments ensure the stable and ongoing operation of the AAT during the period of transition to the ART.

On behalf of the Government, I congratulate everyone on their appointment to the AAT.

More information about the ART is available on the Attorney-General’s website.

Appointments to the AAT

Judicial Deputy President

  • Hon Justice Ian Jackman SC


  • Ms Troy Barty
  • Mr Scott Collins
  • Mr Phillip French
  • Dr Carolyn Graydon
  • Mrs Tina Guthrie
  • Ms Jennifer Halbert
  • Ms Karen Hamilton
  • Ms Deborah Laver
  • Ms Maxina Martellotta
  • Ms Maralean McCalman
  • Ms Sophia Panagiotidis
  • Ms Natalie Purcell
  • Mr Alexander Reilly
  • Ms Amanda Ryding
  • Ms Naomi Schmitz
  • Dr Gabrielle Simm
  • Mr Raymond Smith
  • Ms Shellee Smith
  • Ms Kathleen Timbs
  • Mr Justin Toohey
  • Ms Phillippa Wearne
  • Mr Adrian Williams

Short-term re-appointments to the AAT

Deputy President

  • Mr Ian Molloy
  • Ms Jan Redfern PSM
  • Senior Members
  • Ms Josephine Kelly
  • Dr Nicholas Manetta


  • Mr David Barker
  • Mr Michael Biviano
  • Mr Peter Booth
  • Dr Alexandra Bordujenko
  • Mr Michael Bradford
  • Dr Christhilde Breheny
  • Ms Moira Brophy
  • Ms Tina Bubutievski
  • Ms Anna Burke AO
  • Ms Nicole Burns
  • Ms Justine Clarke
  • Ms Christine Cody
  • Mr David Crawshay OAM
  • Mr Damian Creedon
  • Ms Rachel Da Costa
  • Mr Brendan Darcy
  • Professor John Devereux
  • Ms Namoi Dougall
  • Mr Anthony Durkin
  • Dr Stewart Fenwick
  • Ms Tania Flood
  • Ms Margaret Forrest
  • Ms Lana Gallagher
  • Mr Nicholas Gaudion
  • Dr Jonathan Gillis
  • Ms Anne Grant
  • Mr Peter Haag
  • Ms Genevieve Hamilton
  • Ms Tamara Hamilton-Noy
  • Dr Jessica Henderson
  • Dr Susan Hoffman
  • Ms Linda Holub
  • Ms Penelope Hunter
  • Ms Angela Julian-Armitage
  • Ms Christine Kannis
  • Ms De-Anne Kelly
  • Mr Simon Letch
  • Mr Roger Maguire
  • Mr Andrew Williams
  • Mr Alan McMurran
  • Ms Deborah Mitchell
  • Mr Peter Newton SC
  • Mr Andrew Nikolic AM CSC
  • Professor Ann O’Connell
  • Mr Robert Olding
  • Mr Christopher Packer
  • Professor Julie Quinlivan
  • Ms Tamara Quinn
  • Dr Frank Russo
  • Mr Peter Ranson
  • Hon John Rau SC
  • Mr Robert Reitano
  • Ms Hannelore Schuster
  • Mr Peter Smith
  • Mr David Thompson
  • Mr Peter Vlahos
  • Brigadier Anthony Warner AM LVO (Rtd)
  • Mr Paul Windsor
  • Ms Fiona Zuccala