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Commencement of new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

Senator the Hon Amanda Stoker
Media Release

Today marks the commencement of the Federal Circuit and Family Court, which combines the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court to provide a single entry point into the family law system.

It means families now have a simpler, faster and cheaper system to deal with their matters.

Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General, Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations and Assistant Minister for Women Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker welcomed the amalgamation.

“This single court structure means families aren’t bounced around between different courts, which has been an issue raised often about the previous system and contributed to high costs and delays,” said Senator Stoker.

“With consistent rules, and we are helping families to safely navigate the difficult issue of family breakdown.”

The reforms to the family courts coincide with the commencement of the National Contravention List, a new electronic list to address long-standing issues of non-compliance with court orders made in family law proceedings.

“This List will provide a more streamlined approach to holding those who ignore or defy court orders accountable.”

Applications will be given a first return court date within 14 days of filing.

More information is available on the new Court website: